Xcode Tips and Tricks

SwiftUI / UIKit

These bite-sized Xcode tips and tricks will help you master Xcode and increase your productivity.

Treat this like an Xcode reference library to learn all of the shortcuts, debugging techniques, productivity hacks and more!

Learning Outcomes:

  • Increased Xcode Productivity

    You'll be able to use Xcode more efficiently from learning all of the tips and tricks in this course.

  • Debugging Techniques

    You'll have insight on how to identify your bugs and systematically eliminate them.

  • Xcode Shortcuts

    You'll be coding more efficiently by using the Xcode shortcuts you learn from this course.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • Where to Get Help?

  • 2

    Code Editing

    • Code Folding

    • Refactor Rename

    • Highlighting Text and Indenting

    • Showing Minimap

    • Quick Help

    • MARK

    • Accessing the Jump Bar

    • Multiple Line Code Editing

    • Reindenting Text

    • Quick Rename

    • Open in Assistant Editor

    • Add a Custom Warning

    • Add a Custom Error

    • Quickly Move Between Words

    • Quickly Move to Start or End of Line

    • Jump to a Specified Line Number

    • Create a Placeholder

    • Create and Use a Code Snippet

  • 3


    • Breakpoints

    • Storyboard Element Space Between

    • Check Overlapping Views

    • Xcode Test using Nimble in SwiftUI

  • 4


    • Navigation Panel Shortcuts

    • Add Storyboard Elements Continuously

    • Quickly Open Object Library

    • Change Active Window while in Full Screen Mode

    • Quickly Access Project Filter Option

    • Quickly Jump/Open by Search Term

    • Quickly Cycle Through Inner Tabs

    • Quickly Cycle Through Outer Tabs

    • Quickly Close Active Window

  • 5


    • Lock Storyboard Element Properties

    • Create and Use Custom Color (Color Set)

    • Open in Inner Tab/Document Tab

    • Lock File in Active Tab

    • Open in Outer Tab

  • 6


    • Free Up Hard Drive Space

    • How To Use Swift Package Manager

    • Clean Xcode Junk Files

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