SwiftUI Bento


This reference library contains standalone video/text lessons showing how to accomplish various SwiftUI features.

Treat this course as a reference if you want to review or learn something new in the world of SwiftUI!

Learning Outcomes:

  • More SwiftUI Views

    You'll have an expanded toolset of SwiftUI Views and Containers to build user interfaces with.

  • Reference Material

    No need to memorize anything. You'll have a variety of useful app features with step by step instructions the next time you need it.

  • Request Tutorials

    You'll have a place to request SwiftUI tutorials and recipes for us to add to this growing reference library.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome!

    • Resources for this Course

  • 2

    SwiftUI Views and Containers

    • SwiftUI Image

    • SwiftUI TabView

    • SwiftUI ScrollView

    • SwiftUI Stacks

    • SwiftUI Picker

    • SwiftUI Textfield

    • SwiftUI List

    • SwiftUI Button

    • SwiftUI Color

  • 3

    UI Layout

    • SwiftUI Display Views Conditionally

  • 4


    • How to launch Apple Maps from your app

    • How to launch Google Maps from your app

    • SwiftUI MapKit - How to display a Map and show a location

    • SwiftUI CoreLocation - How to display a Map and show user's location

    • SwiftUI MapAnnotation - How to add a pin to a Map

  • 5

    User Experience and Design

    • SwiftUI: How to add custom fonts to your app

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