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Each week, we release an exclusive tutorial that is only available here for CWC+ members. For the topics of these tutorials, we take heavy inspiration from your requests and suggestions on our CWC Ideas Board.
CWC+ Screencasts

Learning Outcomes

  • Expand your toolset

    Screencasts cover a variety of app development related topics to help you gain new skills and to expand your toolset.

  • Customizable

    We create tutorials based on the topics that you want to see! Use our CWC Ideas Board to submit or vote on ideas.

  • Updated weekly

    Each week we'll update this course with a new exclusive screencast for CWC+ members.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • Resources

    • Where to Get Help?

  • 2


    • 001 Data Flow in SwiftUI

    • 002 How to implement Forgot Password with Firebase Authentication

    • 003 Achieving Smooth Designer & Developer Collaboration

    • 004 How To Use Swift Package Manager

    • 005 How to Ask Users to Leave a Rating and Review

    • 006 How to Use Auto Layout in Figma

    • 007 How To Use The New Async Await Pattern in Swift 5.5

    • 008 Swipe Actions in SwiftUI Lists

    • 009 Turning apps into a business

    • 010 Accessing Contacts on the Phone

    • 011 Choosing Photos from the User’s Photo Library

    • 012 Uploading Images to Firebase Storage (and retrieving them)

    • 013 Charts in SwiftUI

    • 014 Kingfisher in SwiftUI

    • 015 Handling API in SwiftUI

    • 016 Local Notifications in SwiftUI

    • 017 Push Notifications in SwiftUI

    • 018 SwiftDate in SwiftUI

    • 019 Xcode Test using Nimble in SwiftUI

    • 020 Web Scraping Using SwiftSoup

    • 021 Introduction to Building macOS Apps with SwiftUI

    • 022 Easy Full Screen Calendar with ElegantCalendar

    • 023 Presenting Views & Modals in SwiftUI

    • 024 Working with ElegantPages from ElegantCalendar

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