iOS Foundations 2023


Continue your app journey right where the War Card Game and Menu App leaves off inside our iOS Foundations course. 

The Foundations course focuses on helping you gain the highest impact skills for a future in app development.

By the end of this course, you’ll know how to implement the two most common forms of app navigation: Tab Bar and List Drill Down.

Furthermore, you'll understand how to build multi-screen apps where data can flow between screens. You'll learn the most useful SwiftUI user interface components and how to construct user interfaces like snapping together lego pieces.

You'll learn how to read and write Swift to express app logic and you'll understand the mechanics behind SwiftUI. Lastly, you'll learn best practices of how to architect your app in preparation to build larger, more complex apps in the next course.

Icons & text

  • App Navigation

    You'll be able to build apps with the two most common types of navigation: Tab Bars and Drill Down

  • SwiftUI User Interfaces

    You'll be able to use the latest SwiftUI framework to build user interfaces like snapping together lego pieces

  • Multiple Screens

    You'll be able to build apps with multiple screens and pass data between them

  • Swift Programming

    You'll be able to read and write Swift code for building UIs and coding the logic for your app

  • Learn Xcode

    You'll know how to navigate and use official Apple app development tools such as Xcode

  • Best Practices

    You'll understand how to architect your app using best practices in preparation for building bigger and more complex apps

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome!

    • Course resources and projects

    • How to get help

  • 2

    Module 1: The War Card Game

    • Lesson 1: Your First App

    • Lesson 2: Introduction To Xcode

    • Lesson 3: Level Up Your UI Building Skills

    • Lesson 4: Starting the War Card Game

    • Lesson 5: Introduction to Swift Coding

    • Lesson 6: Swift Functions

    • Lesson 7: SwiftUI Buttons and Properties

    • Lesson 8: Adding the App Logic

  • 3

    Module 2: The Menu App

    • Lesson 01: Introduction to The Menu App

    • Lesson 02: Arrays

    • Lesson 02: Quiz

    • Lesson 03: Structures

    • Lesson 04: Instances

    • Lesson 05: SwiftUI List

    • Lesson 05: Quiz

    • Lesson 05: Challenge

    • Lesson 06: The Complexity of Larger Apps

    • Lesson 07: Structures (Part 2)

    • Lesson 08: State and Updating Views

    • Lesson 09: Reusing your Views

  • 4

    Module 3: The Restaurant App

    • Lesson 01: Intro to the Restaurant App

    • Lesson 02: SwiftUI TabViews

    • Lesson 03: Building the About Screen (SwiftUI ScrollViews)

    • Lesson 04: Dynamically Generating UI Elements using ForEach

    • Lesson 05: SwiftUI LazyVGrids

    • Lesson 06: Displaying Images in a Grid

    • Lesson 07: Modal Views Using Sheets

    • Lesson 08: Passing Data with Bindings

    • Lesson 09: Swift Closures, Initializers and More

  • 5

    Module 4: The Guidebook App

    • Lesson 01: Introduction

    • Lesson 02: Project Setup

    • Lesson 03: SwiftUI NavigationStack and NavigationLink

    • New lessons are released twice a week!