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Quick Recipes For New Features

After you've completed our Foundations, Databases, Design learning path and conquered all of the One Day Builds, your app development confidence will be at a whole other level. You won't need any hand holding to build new apps and instead, you'll be looking for quick reference material to implement the exact feature you need for your custom app.

That's where we got the inspiration for the iOS Bento course. It's a collection of How-Tos written in a easy-to-digest format for quick understanding and implementation.

Simply review the steps required to implement the feature you want and copy the code snippets provided! Furthermore, each month we'll be adding new recipes based on your feedback and needs.

Learning Outcomes

Phone Features
Learn how to use Notifications, Contacts, Calling, SMS and various other features of the phone.

Learn to stream video, play embedded video, sounds and other media in your apps.

Learn how to use MapKit to display maps, pins the user's location and more.

Security Features

Learn how to integrate FaceID and TouchID, how to safely store sensitive data and more!

More UI Elements

Learn how to use a wide array of UI elements that are available out of the box in UIKit. Learn how to round corners, add drop shadows and more!

... and More!

Expand the full list of recipes below to see all the features you can quickly and easily add to your own app!

New Recipes Each Month
We'll continue to release new iOS Bento recipes that you can easily integrate into your app!

Who Should Take This Course?

These iOS Bento Recipes are designed so that you can quickly follow a series of steps and integrate a new feature into your app. As such, students should have completed the iOS Foundations and iOS Databases courses and the One Day Builds course as well.

This Course is Compatible With:

 Xcode 10+
 Swift 5+

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • Resources

    • Where to Get Help?

  • 2


    • How to display a mail composer window (MFMailComposeViewController)

    • How to send an SMS (MFMessageComposeViewController)

    • How to initiate a call (UIApplication)

    • How to launch other apps from your app (UIApplication)

  • 3


    • How to access contacts on device (CNContactPickerViewController)

    • How to save a new contact to the address book (CNContactViewController)

  • 4

    Data Management

    • How to store sensitive data on the device securely (Keychain)

    • How to retrieve configuration info from the Plist

    • How to parse a comma delimited text file, aka CSV (SwiftCSV)

    • How to store and retrieve information on the device (UserDefaults)

    • How to save username and password securely (Keychain)

    • How to add an event to the calendar (EventKitUI)

    • How to add an event to the calendar programmatically (EventKit)

  • 5

    File Management

    • How to download a file (URLSession)

    • How to save a file to the device (NSData)

    • How to display a PDF (PDFKit)

  • 6

    Maps and Location

    • How to launch Apple Maps from your app (UIApplication)

    • How to launch Google Maps from your app (UIApplication)

    • How to display a map centered on a location (CoreLocation)

    • How to display a pin on a map (MKPointAnnotation)

    • How to display a map and show user's location (MapKit)

  • 7


    • How to play a YouTube video (WKWebView)

    • How to play sounds (AVFoundation)

    • How to play a local video file (AVKit)

    • How to display the camera (UIImagePickerController)

    • How to select an image from the photo library UIImagePickerController)

    • How to scan a QR Code (QRCodeReader.swift)

    • How to check if device is connected to the Internet (SystemConfiguration)

  • 8


    • How to schedule a local push notification (UNUserNotificationCenter)

    • How to send a push notification (UserNotifications)

  • 9


    • How to integrate Biometrics (LocalAuthentication)

    • How to integrate a passcode (LocalAuthentication)

    • How to sign in with Apple (AuthenticationServices)

  • 10


    • How to share to via the Share Sheet (UIActivityViewController)

  • 11

    User Experience and Design

    • How to add Dark Mode to your app (UIUserInterfaceStyle)

    • How to do a basic animation (UIView)

    • How to integrate a Lottie animation (UIView)

    • How to programmatically add a drop shadow (CAShapeLayer)

    • How to programmatically round corners (CALayer)

    • How to programmatically add gradient backgrounds (CAGradientLayer)

    • How to add a custom font to your app (UIFont)

  • 12

    User Interface

    • How to show a progress bar and update it (UIProgressView)

    • How to use a slider (UISlider)

    • How to use a progress spinner (UIActivityIndicatorView)

    • How to use a switch (UISwitch)

    • How to display a website in a web view (WKWebView)

    • How to use a stepper (UIStepper)

    • How to show an alert with button (UIAlertController)

    • How to show a picker action sheet (UIAlertController)

    • How to use a page control (UIPageControl)

    • How to use a tab bar (UITabBarController)

    • How to use a segmented control (UISegmentedControl)

    • How to use SFSymbols in your App (SFSymbols)

    • How To use FontAwesome Icons In Your App (UIFont)

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