App Challenges

SwiftUI / UIKit

These app challenges are a great way to practice and apply what you've learned.

Each month, we'll issue a set of app specifications (like a brief) and you'll have to build an app that meets the requirements

Chat and discuss with other members you each work on your own challenge. At the end of the month, we'll share our solution and showcase all of yours!

Learning Outcomes

  • Increased Skill and Mastery

    Nothing can replace actual practice. You'll have learned a lot and increased your range and skill from doing the challenges.

  • New Friendships

    You'll have met other like minded people who are also learning iOS. Who knows? These friends could be your future app partners!

  • Challenge Archive

    You'll also learn from attempting previous app challenges or from reviewing the solutions.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome!

    • Resources

    • Where to Get Help?

  • 2

    Hydration App Challenge

    • Hydration App Specs

    • Hydration App Preview

    • Hydration App Source Code

  • 3

    NBA Scores App Challenge

    • NBA Scores App Specs

    • NBA Scores App Preview

    • NBA Scores App Source Code

  • 4

    Stock Tracker App Challenge

    • Stock Tracker App Specs

    • Solution App Preview

    • Solution App Source Code

  • 5

    Weather App Challenge

    • Weather App Specs

    • Solution App Preview

    • Solution App Source Code

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