iOS Animations


Core Animation Made Easy

Core Animation is Apple's animation framework and it enables you to do all of those crazy animations and smooth special effects that you see in today's most popular apps.

This course will demystify the basics for you so that you can understand how to create animations for your iOS app no matter what level of skill you're currently at.

Learning Outcomes

Animation Types
Learn about the various types of animations you can perform. These animations by themselves are powerful when used subtly and in context.

Learn how to combine various single animations into a bigger sweeping animation.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course has no course requirements. You can follow the course to get results but it will be easier to understand for people who have taken the iOS Foundations course.

This Course is Compatible With:

 Xcode 10+
 Swift 5+

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • Resources

    • Where to Get Help?

  • 2

    Core Animation Basics

    • Overview

    • CABasicAnimation

    • CAKeyframeAnimation

    • CASpringAnimation

    • CATransition

    • CAEmitterLayer

    • CAReplicatorLayer

    • CATransaction

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